It’s hard to believe next weekend is Labor day already! Day’s are getting shorter and nights are getting longer and I’m getting older!
We’ve still got a bunch of Sunday’s funday’s line up, starting with Sungreen this weekend starting at 2:30.
A quick reminder that Fakebook shut our old account down, so make sure to like us at New Diggings store to keep up with what’s happening as well.

We’ve got 3 days of activities for the coming weekend…..
Friday night meat paddles start at 6 PM, all kinds of quality packages this week…from Shrimp, steaks, chops, pork loins, Breakfast packages, Walleye filets, and more!
Saturday we have the Eugene Smiles Project cranking out some good tunes starting at 2:30.
Sunday Funday kick’s off at 2:30 as well with Ten Gallon hat firing up the tunes.

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Facebook has deleted our account because they couldn’t identify us…WTF? we will be setting up a new page shortly which sucks when you lose 9700 followers with one felled swoop by Fuckburg’s leftest site….oh well.
With the 4th of July behind us it seems summer is cruising by very quickly.
This weekend we have a great band, The Blue Smoothies! Our food special this week will be the world’s juiciest smoked pork chop, as well as smoked pulled pork.
Get out there and enjoy life!

It’s hard to believe it’s already the 4th of July! We’re still blocked by facebook, looking like we are going to have to start a new page, which sucks losing 9600 followers. We will keep you informed as to when and where to find new page.
As for this weekend we have no big plans, business as usual with the exception of no live music this Sunday. It seems that everyone is having live music either Sunday or Monday so we opted to bypass this weekend.
We will have food specials as usual, this weekend it’s smoked pulled pork & an awesome chicken salad.
One other note, we will be closed Monday the 4th. After giving up 17 years of holiday’s I’ve decided to enjoy the remaining ones I have left. If you’d like to join us on Monday we are Kayaking the Fever River, meeting at the bar at 9:30. What ever you choose to do be safe and enjoy your Independence day!

We’ll be starting our 17th year in the business! Come on out we plan on having some great tunes…Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo will kick things off Saturday at 2:30.
Ten Gallon hat will crank it up Sunday at 2:30.
We’ll be serving up the coldest beer around along with smoked pulled pork and smoked Johnsonville brats served with smokehouse beans and Lou’s coleslaw.

We’ve got Aaron Williams and the HooDoo cranking out the blues in the beer garden this week, 2;30-6;30. Next music will be Sam Wooden on the 11th of October to wrap up our summer of music in the beer garden.
Still undecided if we’ll move music inside or not.
We will be starting meat paddles the first Saturday in October, starting at 3pm. We will not be using our paddles for now, but disposable paper cards so we don’t have everyone in bar touching the same things, so if you like to make noise you’ll have to bring your own paddle, we’re even having a best decorated paddle contest each week!

Cannot believe it’s already fucking September! 2020 has been a shit show of a year, and it doesn’t look to stop until after the election is over sometime in mid January….
On a brighter note, we’ve got the Wundo’s playing Sunday afternoon from 3-7 out in the beer Garden.
For weekend specials:
Smoked Pulled Pork
Jacked up Smoked Meatloaf (Pepperjack stuffed with Jack Daniels Glaze)
Pork Tenderloin stuffed with garlic cream cheese, bacon & spinach.

One last thing….We lost a great friend last Saturday to a motorcycle crash. Steve Humphrey…aka the Kount! Rest in peace sir, you will missed dearly by many.

Just like that Mid August is here…WTF? It’s bad enough we got fucked out of spring by the Kung Flu, now winter is right around the corner.
If you do venture out keep in mind the mask mandate, some businesses are enforcing it some are not. It looks like in the larger towns and cities you’ll have to mask up, out in the country it varies. Our policy is that mask are highly recommended, but not required. If your a mask wearer and encounter someone who isn’t, DON’T be a MASKHOLE!
Weather looks great this weekend, little front pushing thru early Saturday, then decent….so get out and enjoy life.