4th of July

It’s hard to believe it’s already the 4th of July! We’re still blocked by facebook, looking like we are going to have to start a new page, which sucks losing 9600 followers. We will keep you informed as to when and where to find new page.
As for this weekend we have no big plans, business as usual with the exception of no live music this Sunday. It seems that everyone is having live music either Sunday or Monday so we opted to bypass this weekend.
We will have food specials as usual, this weekend it’s smoked pulled pork & an awesome chicken salad.
One other note, we will be closed Monday the 4th. After giving up 17 years of holiday’s I’ve decided to enjoy the remaining ones I have left. If you’d like to join us on Monday we are Kayaking the Fever River, meeting at the bar at 9:30. What ever you choose to do be safe and enjoy your Independence day!