img_20161204_124926482_hdr1Well, Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench into the Christmas Auction, with snow and slick roads. We had a decent crowd but not enough to get through the items we had… this Saturday the 17th of December we will try and auction off the remaining items while we have a meat paddle….should be interesting. All of the silent auction items can be viewed on our Facebook page.
Haven’t posted lately as the desktop that I use has been giving me hell, finally got it straightened out. Woke up rather surprised on the morning after election I must admit. It was rather comical to watch people curled up in fetal positions sobbing that they we’re scared, people wearing safety pins, High schools and colleges canceling classes, bringing in counselors and providing “safe” places while others decided it was OK to got out and disrupted, destroy, and beat people because they didn’t like the outcome…WTF? Get over it.
We will be open as normal this week, with the auction and paddles on Saturday, and finish Sunday if weather once again rear’s it’s ugly head.
We will be closed Christmas weekend, Merry Christmas!

Cross roads

img_20140628_141102133Well one week to the elections…thank God. I’m so tired of listen to both candidates at this point in time. Can’t even turn on TV without having top listen to the he said she said crap…any more I will fire up TV 30 minutes before I want to watch some thing so I can pause the DVR, walk away for 30 minute then watch…can zip right thru commercials.
Chili cook off winner was George V. from just over the border. We had 7 entree’s and he went from last to first in a year!
Meat paddles have started….every Saturday at 3pm.
This weekend we have the one and only Sam Wooden belting out the tunes Sunday from 3:30-7:30.
Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour Saturday night before you go to bed. And remember all you Democrats…don’t forget to vote on the 9th…..;)

Fall Fun

Well my friends, looks like the leaves are turning fast, nights are longer and colder….that can only mean one thing…IT’S MEAT PADDLE TIME! We will be starting our meat paddles October 29th at 3 PM.
We will also be holding our 4th annual chili cook-off on the same day. If you want to enter some chili just drop it off hot by 12:30. $5.00 buys a sample bowl and voting rights, and all proceeds go to our Christmas Charity fund.
Speaking of the Christmas Charity auction…we need help! Please contact Lou or Kelli if you are willing to distribute poster’s and collect items.
We will also be holding our 2nd annual ATV/UTV Halloween fun run poker run on the 30th of October, we leave at 10:30 and will be back by 4-5 to enjoy some great tunes by Garret Hillary. There will be prizes for best costume and best decorated ride.
Sunday music continues…we have a new blues band this Sunday out of Milwaukee…..Johnny T-bird and the MP’s play from 2:30-6:30. Next week we have Garret Hillary, the 6th of November we have Sam Wooden, and the 13th Statue of Liberty.
Get out and enjoy life, and remember….VOTE!


Well, fall is here I guess, leaves are turning and nights are getting chilly. Time to cut some firewood and start getting ready for old man winter.
The “You Don’t Know Jack” run went ok, cloudy, chilly and Jack, Marty and Jen couldn’t make it due to flooding in Cedar Rapids, thankfully they managed to fight back the rising water with a lot of help and a bunch of sand bags. We ended up with 40 people, had a great ride and manage to raise $933.00 for the I know Jack foundation. Thanks to everyone who came out.
With October being here already, there are a few dates for you to remember, first and foremost we still have a great schedule of Sunday Funday’s left, with ESP, Righteous Hillbillies, Garret Hillery, Sam Wooden and more. Next we have our annual chili cook-off scheduled for October 29, our 2nd annual ATV/UTV Halloween fun run on October 30th. Meat paddles are also slated to start on the 29th.
Get out there and enjoy life, and the fall color’s.


Can’t believe the leaves are turning….WTF? Another summer has raced by us, and fall is right around the corner. As most of you know, we moved the “You don’t know Jack” run from July to the last week in September, which is right around the corner. This year it falls on Saturday September 24th. We will be leaving the Diggs around 11:30, so come on down and have some fun as well as help us raise a little$ for cancer research. Get out there and enjoy life!jack-poster-2016


A young man name Brett took home the chopper yesterday, nice to have extra room in garage! New computer and hot spot, old hot spot slow, and computer got some ransomware, so new setup and should be hearing more from me. Political scene is a total mess, Hitlery is a lying, cheatin’ scammer that is part of the Washington untouchables….done.
Have a nice day.


Can’t believe it’s already the %$#@ing end of July…WTH. Weather has been co-operating decently, although a few rainy days mixed in. We did have to put the Wundo’s inside this week due to the extreme heat and humidity. We did manage 6 weeks in a row with music in the beer garden, hopefully this week we can get Classical Blast playing out side.

We do have our music festival coming up on August 12,13, and 14th. We have Family Business cranking it up Friday night at 8, Blackwater Gin and a hog roast in beer garden Saturday, Swamp Donkeys playing Saturday night inside, and Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo finish it off Sunday afternoon in the beer garden, so mark down the dates!

Political scene is a complete mess as well as race relations across the country…think about it as the election draws near…I will give some of my worthless coments as time nears…stay tuned!


As many of you know, we are raffling off a custum built chopper for Albrecht Acres. We Promised them we would sell 1100 tickets @ $10 each….well it’s been just over a year and we still need to sell just under 400 tickets yet. Even if you don’t ride, or think it’s a crazy machine (which it is), remember it’s for charity for crying out loud! Plus who wouldn’t want that baby parked in their garage, or give it to whoever as the best $10 present $%#@ing ever! So drop in and by a ticket or 2 and help us help Albrech Acers.

I’m Back!

After many years of no comments in the Dribble section my web guru has redesigned things a bit, bringing everything up to speed, including enabling myself to throw my thoughts and crazy idea’s at you more consistantly… stay tuned !