Cross roads

img_20140628_141102133Well one week to the elections…thank God. I’m so tired of listen to both candidates at this point in time. Can’t even turn on TV without having top listen to the he said she said crap…any more I will fire up TV 30 minutes before I want to watch some thing so I can pause the DVR, walk away for 30 minute then watch…can zip right thru commercials.
Chili cook off winner was George V. from just over the border. We had 7 entree’s and he went from last to first in a year!
Meat paddles have started….every Saturday at 3pm.
This weekend we have the one and only Sam Wooden belting out the tunes Sunday from 3:30-7:30.
Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour Saturday night before you go to bed. And remember all you Democrats…don’t forget to vote on the 9th…..;)