img_20161204_124926482_hdr1Well, Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench into the Christmas Auction, with snow and slick roads. We had a decent crowd but not enough to get through the items we had… this Saturday the 17th of December we will try and auction off the remaining items while we have a meat paddle….should be interesting. All of the silent auction items can be viewed on our Facebook page.
Haven’t posted lately as the desktop that I use has been giving me hell, finally got it straightened out. Woke up rather surprised on the morning after election I must admit. It was rather comical to watch people curled up in fetal positions sobbing that they we’re scared, people wearing safety pins, High schools and colleges canceling classes, bringing in counselors and providing “safe” places while others decided it was OK to got out and disrupted, destroy, and beat people because they didn’t like the outcome…WTF? Get over it.
We will be open as normal this week, with the auction and paddles on Saturday, and finish Sunday if weather once again rear’s it’s ugly head.
We will be closed Christmas weekend, Merry Christmas!